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My goal is always to design spaces that don't feel contrived - the best spaces, in my opinion, feel as though they have been lived in and evolved over a long period of time.

Timelessness, dynamism, appreciation of existing architecture and fine detailing are all key characteristics of my design style.

D. Hage Designs is the studio of Dominique Hage, an emerging Australian architectural graduate and interior designer. The studio was formed in 2020, working between Sydney and Amsterdam, and is now based in Sydney.

I specialise in bespoke residential and independent hospitality projects.


Since finishing my Master of Architecture in Sydney in 2015, I have consistently worked across the sectors of both architecture and interior design. To me, interior design felt like a natural continuation of my architecture practice, taking my design concepts through to micro details.

My depth of experience across both fields allows me to take your project from concept, through construction, and all the way to furniture, decoration, and other interior touches. Your end result is holistically designed and managed - no muss, no fuss, no dealing with subcontractors.


I have over ten years experience working within excellent studios in Sydney, Seville (ES), and Amsterdam (NL). My designs are inspired by art, design, architecture, and culture from an international pool of references, something which is integral to my design process.

The spaces I design represent my clients in a nuanced way - a mingling of different cultures and personalities and the conflicts, contrasts, and opportunities accompanying this. My spaces are influenced by our experiences and background, without objectifying and creating a 'theme park' of design culture.

You won't find ‘scandi’ style or other Pinterest trends in my projects, and you won't get the same house design that your neighbour had. Instead, my designs feel balanced, lived-in, and true to the architecture, while still having dynamic and bold moments.

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My bread and butter has been mostly residential work. I love the process of getting to know a client and their space, understanding their needs, and exploring all the exciting potential directions we could go in. My relationships with my clients have been overwhelmingly positive and enduring, and many of them have gone on to work with me again.

As well as this, my last senior roles within other practices also involved designing bars, bistros, hotels, cafes, and coworking spaces. I particularly love working with new, independent businesses, working within the constraints of their budgets and space to develop a visual and spatial identity that complements their unique vision.


With my partner, Hepacan, we offer branding and spatial design solutions which are perfect for small businesses that want to make a high impact.

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